Scotrenewables Tidal Power Ltd is the world leader in the development of floating tidal stream and run-of-river turbines. The Scotrenewables Tidal Turbine, is an award-winning, patented hydrokinetic energy converter designed to convert energy from tidal streams and river currents where they are strongest – closest to the surface.

The Company


Founded in 2002, Scotrenewables Tidal Power is committed to the development and commercialisation of the SRTT floating tidal turbine with the goal of delivering cost effective renewable power to satisfy current and future energy requirements worldwide.


The Concept


The SRTT is an innovative, award-winning, patented design that has shown strong potential as a robust, low cost Tidal Energy Converter (TEC). The design differs markedly from our competitors, being comparatively cheap to construct, install, deploy and retrieve and is easy to maintain.


SR250kW Prototype


The concept has been trialled at increasing scales in laboratory and open ocean conditions since its inception in 2002. A 250kW prototype turbine is currently undergoing grid-connected tests at EMEC in Orkney. Testing results have provided the confidence to progress to a commercial scale turbine rated up to 2MW.


The Future


Building on the success of the SR250 testing to date, SRTP are ready to commence the construction of our larger commercial scale turbine, the SR2000 this year. The SR2000 will be fully certified with a design life of 20 years and will be the first of a series of units to be installed in a 10MW commercial demonstrator array in Scottish Waters during 2015.