Scotrenewables Tidal Power Limited (SRTP) is a renewable energy research and development business based in the Orkney Islands. Founded in 2002, Scotrenewables has become a leading tidal turbine developer, and is the longest established, indigenous and still majority locally owned tidal energy technology developer based in Scotland.

SRTP have developed an innovative floating tidal energy converter known as the Scotrenewables Tidal Turbine.  Nine different scale models of the device have been tested extensively over the past 10 years both offshore and in laboratory environments.

The SR250

The culmination of this development work has been the construction of the 250kW prototype which weighs 100 tonnes and measures 33 metres long. The SR250 is considered a prudent intermediate step prior to embarking on a commercial scale multi megawatt prototype.

The SR250 was constructed at Harland & Wolff in Belfast towards the end of 2010. The device was successfully connected to the national grid at the European Marine Energy Centre at the end of March 2011 and a two year test programme has now commenced. The results from this testing phase, and perhaps more importantly the experiences gained from practical operations associated with the 250kW testing, will prove invaluable for the construction, design and testing of the future commercial prototype.

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