Scotrenewables Commercialisation Plan

SRTP has from the outset set itself the target of offering a tidal turbine with the lowest cost of electricity production in the sector.  The company has achieved this through the use of established, proven components from existing mature renewable energy technologies, to avoid the need for expensive bespoke components.   Most importantly, the turbine has been designed around the use of low cost workboat vessels for installation, operations and decommissioning resulting in a step change reduction in the costs associated with these activities.

The SR2000 2MW Commercial Scale Demonstrator is currently under construction and will be launched in early 2015.  Following a period of commercial demonstration, the technology will be offered to tidal project developers with the lowest levelised cost of energy production in the sector.   This technology will offer excellent investment returns to developers.

There is also superb scope for rapid cost reduction for additional arrays due to economies of scale and future design optimisations.  The company therefore intends for its technology to be cost competitive with other forms of low carbon energy by the end of the decade to enable long term, sustainable harnessing of the vast global tidal resource.