Installation and operation

The Scotrenewables Tidal Turbine is designed around the use of low cost vessels for installation, maintenance and decommissioning.

As a floating device, the turbine can be towed to and from site with low cost vessels.

Most maintenance operations on electrical, control and hydraulic systems can be carried out onsite simply by transferring personnel from a small vessel such as a RIB onto the hull.

For more extensive maintenance, the turbine can be electrically and mechanically disconnected from its moorings in under 30 minutes, its blades retracted into position underneath the hull and towed to a nearby shallow water harbours. This gives flexibility in the location of tidal arrays as no exceptional infrastructure is needed to service the turbine.

At the end of the project lifetime, the turbines can similarly be easily disconnected and towed to harbour greatly reducing the cost involved with decommissioning.

This approach of using low cost vessels for all operations significantly reduces the levelised cost of energy associated with tidal arrays utilising Scotrenewables Tidal Technology.