The Concept

Scotrenewables Tidal Technology focuses on low cost installation, maintenance and decommissioning to drive down the cost of tidal energy generation.

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Operation Mode

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Transport / Survival Mode

The SRTT is an integrated tidal energy generator with two horizontal axis turbines mounted just under the sea surface on a floating hull platform.  This ensures that the generators capture tidal flows where they are strongest, closest to the surface.

The vast majority of the turbines internal components are contained within the hull itself, above the waterline, for ease of access and maintenance. For more extensive maintenance and for installation and decommissioning, the turbine blades are retracted underneath the hull, a key patented design feature, reducing thdraught of the turbine for towing to and from harbour with low cost vessels.

Due to this integrated design approach, the device is independently recognised as a 'second generation' technology that offers a step-change reduction in the cost of tidal energy generation.