The Future

Next Generation SRTT- 2MW 'Commercial Scale' Demonstrator

Building on the success of SR250 testing to date, SRTP have started the design development of a larger ‘commercial scale’ turbine more suited for tidal array deployment. This next generation turbine, the SR2000, will reach a rated power of 2MW at 3m/s, making it one of, if not the most powerful tidal turbine in the world to date. The SR2000 will be a significant advancement on the SR250 prototype incorporating a number of major design improvements leading to a reduction in both construction time and capital costs.

The detailed design process for the SR2000 will be similar to that of the SR250, using existing hydrodynamic and structural modelling techniques to optimise the structure for a 20-year design life. This next generation SRTT will be optimised in terms of power capture, reliability, capital cost and operational cost. Crucially, as with the SR250, the SR2000 will be designed to be easily installed, retrieved and redployed using a modest and readily available workboat.

The testing programme for the SR250 will also provide data to verify the results of numerical models without scaling uncertainties, which will allow reduced safety factors resulting in a much more efficient design. The geometry and physics of the SRTT concept allow for a relatively small increase in the size of the turbine's rotors and hull to result in a large increase in rated power output. This gives SRTP a market advantage in that a 2MW turbine – 8 times the power – can be produced at only 4 times the weight of the SR250. Crucially, the SR2000 will also be designed to be easily installed and handled at sea using a modest and readily available workboat.

Once constructed, the SR2000 will undergo an intensive 12 month testing programme at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), the results from which will be used to directly inform potential customers regarding the performance and costs associated with the first follow-on commercial units.  Essentially the SR2000 will prove the ultimate verification prior to genuine commercial sales.

The SR2000 will be the first turbine installed as part of a 10MW commercial demonstrator array project to be installed in UK waters. This demonstrator array will form the basis for cumulative installed capacity of up to 150MW by 2020. By delivering these projects Scotrenewables SRTT technology will be perfectly placed to contribute to Scottish, UK and international targets for energy generation from renewable energy sources.

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