The Future

Next Generation SRTT- 2MW 'Commercial Scale' Demonstrator

 Building on the success of SR250 testing programme, SRTP are in the process of construction of a full scale commercial demonstrator turbine.  This next generation turbine, the SR2000, will reach a rated power of 2MW at 3m/s, making it the largest and most powerful tidal turbine in the world to date. The SR2000 is a significant advancement on the SR250 prototype incorporating a number of major design improvements leading to a reduction in both construction time and capital costs.

This SR2000 has been optimised in terms of power capture, reliability, capital cost and operational cost. Crucially, as with the SR250, the SR2000 will be installed, operated and maintained using a single low cost, locally based workboat vessel.

Once launched in early 2015, the SR2000 will undergo an intensive demonstration programme at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), following which it will be offered to the global tidal industry as a technology with the lowest levelised cost of energy in the sector.